If you do amateur birdwatching, or whether you are doing this on a professional basis, you are called a birdwatcher or birder. You have this title whether you are simply attracted to watching birds in their natural habitat, or if you have a degree in ornithology. People that do this regularly may have a passion for it. They will travel to different areas of the world. However, if you are doing this from a professional perspective, you will likely have papers, and even books, about different types of bird species. Now that you know what these professionals are called, or even amateurs, this now look at what they are able to accomplish.

What Does Ornithology Teach?

This is simply a part of zoology, the study of animals, that is focused on all of the different birds in the world. It offers a wide variety of different degrees, depending upon the birds you are studying, and what you are actually looking for. In most cases, they have the same goal. They are trained in order to identify species, catalog them, and then track them as they are going throughout the world. These professionals will also travel to different areas, cataloging what could be new species, allowing everyone to benefit from this knowledge.

What If You Only Do This On An Amateur Basis?

If you are an amateur, and you do this regularly, you probably don’t catalog anything. You are likely to take tens of thousands of pictures, something that you may print out or post on your Facebook page. There are societies or groups that you can join where you can share the information. You can join with people that are also traveling to see different birds throughout your area, or in different countries. Ornithology may not be your primary profession, but it is going to be a passion. You do not have to be in ornithologist you have a love for birds.

How Do You Get A Degree As In Ornithologist?

As in ornithologist, you probably received your degree from a university that is teaching about zoology. You can get a zoology degree in virtually any area, whether you are dealing with birds or land animals. The only difference with animals is when you are studying creatures in the water. These are typically related to fisheries, or you may get a degree in aquaculture, because you are studying how these different animals are functioning in the water. This could pertain to rivers, lakes, or the many different oceans around the world. All of these degrees are obtainable within about four years. If you are simply interested in birds, however, you really don’t need to have a degree. You will be designated with the same name as professionals which is either ornithologist or simply a birdwatcher.

Now that you know the professional names of people that watch birds for a living, as well as those that do this is a hobby, you may now have a title. If you have taken thousands of pictures of Costa Rica birds, and you are part of adventurous tour with different groups that go to watch them, you can be called a birder.