If you are new to submitting a change of address online with the USPS, you might not be aware that there is a cost. It’s not really about charging you as much as it is verifying your identity. You see, the USPS is going to charge you $1, but that’s so they can get you to take the identity verification step of inputting your payment details. Sure, it might seem like a hassle to give them your debit or credit card information. However, you wouldn’t think there is any security risk, and it only takes a minute.

Handle Change Of Address At The post Office

The alternative is to head up to the post office and handle the change of address the old-fashioned way. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that, but maybe you would rather pay $1 to do it online vs wait in line at the post office to do it for free. Yes, it is still free to handle a change of address at the post office. Still, there’s not muh difference between free and $1 these days, especially when you are talking about saving the time. You could handle the change of address online at your own convenience.

Perhaps you could take care of it on your phone while on break at work. Otherwise, you would have to run over to the post office on your day off or when you took time off from work for something else. Time is precious, and that is why perhaps the best way to change your address with the USPS is to do it online. It’s completely up to you what you want to do, however, and whether you are okay with the $1 charge.

Check Out The USPS Guide

If you decide to do it at the post office, all you have to do is go up there and request a mover’s guide. The guide will have the change of address form, and you will get all kinds of special offers. Yes, there is still going to be plenty of junk mail in that packet. You can fill the card out, drop it off in the mail and expect your mail to be forwarded as requested. The process is simple either way you do it, but you are going to have to think about whether or not you want to stop by the post office.

The trip to the post office takes time, but it’s the line that can be the real problem. Plus you need to be taking care of this ahead of time, which means you really don’t have much of a choice about when you go. You can’t just go when it’s convenient to be stopping by the post office. It’s time to get this done, so are you going to make the trek or go the the USPS website? The most you are going to be charged is $1 no matter what, so wouldn’t it make sense just to do it the easiest way? I have to say that I would probably handle the process online. There are other things I need to be doing. Find details at https://www.change-of-address-online.com/address-change.php