The History of Harrison, Ohio is as old as the American West. From the few settlers who came in Harrison has blossomed to over a population of 11,000.Harrison Ohio began at the demise of the American Revolutionary War. Most of the first settlers in Harrison Ohio were Revolutionary War veterans. The settlers were looking for their own land for their own home site, others looked for timber to harvest. They started the initial growth of Ohio.

Harrison began as a settlement around 1804 and grew into a village by 1850. The population at that time was only 940. Natural disasters and wars occurred in the history of Harrison Ohio, but despite the negative happenings, it gradually rose.

Harrison was declared a city in 1980 and now severed a gateway of Ohio and Indiana. The history of Harrison Ohio served a community with a small population with qualities and features of a much larger city. Its tradition of a fast transportation is still continuing, it has highways, airports, and numerous canals.

Up to this date, the population and community of Harrison Ohio is still growing