Visibility is the goal of every business that wishes to stand out in the increasingly competitive business landscape of today. Channel letters are one of the ways that businesses can achieve the desired visibility.

Channel letters offer the flexibility of design unlike other traditional signs and generic light boxes to create a personalized and distinctive appearance that can help set your business apart from the competition.

Channel letters provide a 3-dimensional look to the average business sign. From back lit decorative fonts to block lettering, channel signs are guaranteed to make a good impression on new clients. To appreciate the full effect of channel letters you need to drive around at night to see the different types.

Here are the 5 most common types of channel letter signs:

1. Front-Lit Channel Letters (Standard Channel Letters)

Front-lit channel letters are the most commonly used business signs by shopping centers and retail malls. The letters are illuminated internally using LED modules or neon gas tunes and the light is projected through their acrylic front surfaces. To achieve the desired color, a translucent vinyl overlay is sometimes applied over the white acrylic surfaces.

2. Reverse-Lit Channel Letters (Back-Lit Channel Letters)

Reverse-lit channel letters allow light to be emitted from the back of the letters and then reflected to the mounting surface to create a halo-lit effect. Gaps or spaces are provided between the mounting surface and the rear of the channel letters during installation. Each letter’s face is covered with aluminum while the rear is either open or covered with clear polycarbonate to prevent birds and insects from nesting inside.

3. Combination Channel Letters (Halo Channel Letters)

Combination channel letters are known for their unique combination of a reverse-lit channel letter with a front-lit channel letter. The letters create the halo effect of a reverse-lit channel letter while simultaneously illuminating the front of the letter. Combination channel letters are ideal for businesses that wish to stand out and require an exceptional level of skill to perfect.

4. Open Face Channel Letters

The open face channel letters are constructed with the letter faces either open or exposed to allow for the placement of neon illumination. A clear face made of acrylic is also an option sometimes. Open face channel letters are believed to offer superior lighting, which tends to make them more eye-catching.

5. Specialty Channel Letters

Specialty channel letters are uniquely designed signs with features customized to meet your requirements. A balanced combination of new letter colors, neon lights, color changing LEDs, perforated returns and other distinctive elements that you may wish to include can be customized for added appeal.

The Bottom Line

You have worked hard to build your business. You also have a purposeful marketing strategy, great organization, and a powerful social media presence in place. Now you have just learned about the 5 types of channel letters and how you can use them to make your business stand out. If you wish to enjoy all the benefits that channel letter signs offer, you should get in touch with a reputable provider.

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